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Press conference on Erasmus+, Creative Europe and European Solidarity Corps by Milan ZVER (EPP, SI), Massimiliano SMERIGLIO (S&D, IT), Michaela ŠOJDROVÁ (EPP, CZ) rapporteurs and Sabine VERHEYEN (EPP, DE), CULT Chair

Datum događanja: 18/05/2021

Način preuzimanja

Milan ZVER (EPP, SI), rapporteur on Erasmus+, Massimiliano SMERIGLIO (S&D, IT) rapporteur on Creative Europe, Michaela ŠOJDROVÁ (EPP, CZ) rapporteur on European Solidarity Corps, and Sabine VERHEYEN (EPP, DE), Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) give a joint press conference in the European Parliament in Brussels.