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Lux Prize 2018

Datum događanja: 25/07/2018

Lux Prize 2018

Every year the European Parliament rolls out the red carpet to reward authentic European cinema. The Lux Prize not only honours some of the best European films, but also helps to promote them. It is a tool to support European cinema, to spark debate on current political and social issues and also a way to reflect on European identity and values.

The ten films nominated for the Lux Prize are every year announced at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in July. This year the three films in competition for the LUX Prize are: Styx by Wolfgang Fischer (Germany/Austria), The Other Side of Everything by Mila Turajlić (Serbia/France/Qatar) and Woman at War by Benedikt Erlingsson (Iceland/France/Ukraine).


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EP President Antonio Tajani announce the winner of the 2018 edition of the LUX Film Prize at a ceremony in Strasbourg.

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Video. Duration: 20:4520:45

Ceremony and Award of the LUX Prize 2018 (12:17 - 12:38)

Snimke visoke kvalitete  -  14/11/2018


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