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Infoclip: Eurocorps ( 1/2) : Military training camp

Datum događanja: 07/11/2014

Način preuzimanja

Illustration of the Eurocorps military camp From 16th till 31st October 2014, the European Rapid Reaction Corps (Eurocorps) has conducted a major exercise – Joint Spearhead 14 – in the military training camp of Mourmelon, France, in the Champagne region. The exercise Joint Spearhead 14 belongs to a series of exercises aiming at validating the Joint Task Force concept. It will complete an experimentation that was initiated in 2013. It mainly relies on the ability to command and control a multinational force (Eurocorps is already composed in peacetime of 5 framework nations from the EU and several associated nations) with a joint feature represented by a land, an air and a maritime component.

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