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Futuris: The travelling greenhouse

Datum događanja: 04/01/2018

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Can a small greenhouse help to guarantee the sustainability of European forests? To find out, the Futuris team travelled to northern Italy. What looks like an ordinary transportation container houses a sophisticated robotic greenhouse that, according to its developers, can help guarantee the sustainability of European forests. At the nursery for trees visited by Futuris, hundreds of baby oaks, beeches and pines are carefully being taken care of. A constant movement of trays guarantees an average environment equal for each forest species, almost impossible to be obtained with ordinary growth chambers, researchers say.

Upravljanje kolačićima na internetskoj stranici Europskog parlamenta

Ova internetska stranica upotrebljava kolačiće. Prihvaćanje kolačića omogućuje optimalno pregledavanje sadržaja

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