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Futuris: Could a 'smart mirror' replace your doctor for disease diagnosis?

Datum događanja: 08/01/2018

Način preuzimanja

In Pisa, Italy, a team working on a European research project presented a smart mirror capable of observing a person to determine if he or she is at risk for cardiometabolic diseases. This instrument could soon be marketed in a less expensive and less sophisticated version, but equally relevant for the user. It looks like a large flat screen TV with a reflective surface, but when you touch it, you discover through its touch interface, a much more complex system: it is a smart mirror able to detect the symptoms of cardiovascular illnesses.

Upravljanje kolačićima na internetskoj stranici Europskog parlamenta

Ova internetska stranica upotrebljava kolačiće. Prihvaćanje kolačića omogućuje optimalno pregledavanje sadržaja

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