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Futuris: Big farmer is watching! Surveillance technology monitors animal wellbeing

Datum događanja: 04/01/2018

Način preuzimanja

A sophisticated surveillance system of cameras, sensors and microphones is installed on the poultry farm in the Dutch Kessel: Welcome to a "smart farm" - a digitized farm. The hens are monitored here down to the smallest detail. European researchers have developed the devices to increase the welfare of the animals - and at the same time the productivity of the farm. About 20,000 chickens are kept here. Digital technology tracks every movement - and immediately sends an alarm signal to the farmer when an animal behaves conspicuously.

Upravljanje kolačićima na internetskoj stranici Europskog parlamenta

Ova internetska stranica upotrebljava kolačiće. Prihvaćanje kolačića omogućuje optimalno pregledavanje sadržaja

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