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Europe and Me

Datum događanja: 17/12/2018

Europe and Me
In the framework of the European Elections in 2019, the European Union launches its campaign "EU and ME".

This collection of interviews was recorded during the European Youth Event (EYE) that took place in June 2018 in Strasbourg, France. In its stand at this event, the European Parliament conducted a series of spontaneous interviews with young participants from Europe and abroad that volunteered to reply to some questions on Europe in the language of their choice. The interviews are thus in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Participants were asked to tell about their personal experiences, and to give their opinion on three topics: their vision of the future Europe,  the first time they felt Europeans, and what Europe means to them.

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Video. Duration: 01:3901:39

Europe and Me - Teaser

Vijesti  -  20/02/2019
Video. Duration: 14:5414:54

Europe and Me - MC Angel (Uncut)

Vijesti  -  18/02/2019
Video. Duration: 16:2216:22

Europe and Me - Felman (uncut)

Vijesti  -  18/02/2019
Video. Duration: 01:3601:36

Europe and Me - Ariel

Vijesti  -  01/06/2018
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