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Europe and Me - Alison

Datum događanja: 01/05/2018

Način preuzimanja

Alison works for the European Parliament, and her heart is now broken with Brexit. She first felt European back in 1996, on a visit to the European Parliament. This feeling was stirred up when she saw MEPs talking and listened to the interpreters working: ‘This is magic! it’s an amazing thing! and suddenly I had this feeling that I was home, this was where I belonged. That I was actually European’. For her, a real Parliament needs to be diverse and multilingual, like the people it represents. This collection of interviews was recorded during the European Youth Event (EYE) that took place in June 2018 in Strasbourg, France.

Upravljanje kolačićima na internetskoj stranici Europskog parlamenta

Ova internetska stranica upotrebljava kolačiće. Prihvaćanje kolačića omogućuje optimalno pregledavanje sadržaja

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