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Cyber Attacks against Information Systems: Extracts from the hearing with Monika HOHLMEIER (EPP, DE)

Datum događanja: 04/10/2011

Način preuzimanja

A Hearing on Cyber Attacks against Information Systems has been celebred on 4 October. The civil society, institutional players as well as academics discussed the situation regarding the fight against cyber crime and the Commission proposal for a new Directive on Attacks against Information Systems. Statements by Kristiina OJULAND, AFET draftsperson, European Commission, Head of Unit 2 - Fight against Organised Crime, Michal FILA, Judicial Cooperation in criminal matters from the Polish Presidency, Justin MILLAR, Head of Cyber Crime Policy, Home Office, UK and Heli TIIRMA-KLAAR, Advisor, Ministry of Defence, Estonia.