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Conservation of fishery resources and protection of marine ecosystems through technical measures: extracts from the vote on the report Gabriel MATO (EPP, ES)

Datum događanja: 16/01/2018

Način preuzimanja

During the EP plenary session (15-18 January 2018) in Strasbourg, MEPs vote common EU rules on how, where and when one can fish in the EU. The new law would provide for common measures on fishing gear and methods and allowed species for all EU waters. It would also add some bite to Commission proposals to allow innovative methods, such as electric trawl pulse fishing (used to drive fish up out of the seabed and into the net), to be used across the EU. Ramón Luis VALCÁRCEL SISO (EPP, ES), EP Vice-President, opens the vote. The results are: 399 votes in favour, 189 against and 86 abstentions. The proposal is sent back to the Committee for inter-institutional negotiations.

Upravljanje kolačićima na internetskoj stranici Europskog parlamenta

Ova internetska stranica upotrebljava kolačiće. Prihvaćanje kolačića omogućuje optimalno pregledavanje sadržaja

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