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Climate-friendly EU: The Green Deal – green but also fair?

Datum događanja: 09/05/2021

Način preuzimanja

In this session, EP liaison office and EC Representation in Germany invite viewers to take part online in the live panel discussion about the Green Deal from the European House in Berlin. In December, the European Member States agreed on ambitious climate goals. But how do we achieve climate-neutrality by 2050? And what does it mean for German households, companies, and regions? How will Europe take action on the Green Deal and how fair is it? How does it help and how does it challenge the economic recovery following the corona crisis? Panelists and audience alike are invited to discuss these questions. Anne Wagenführ-Leroyer, Head of the EU representation of the German Caritas Association in Brussels, will also tune in live to provide her insights into the social aspects of the Green Deal.