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Anti-EU propaganda - 8th Parliamentary term

Datum događanja: 11/01/2018

Anti-EU propaganda - 8th Parliamentary term

The EU is under growing pressure from disinformation by countries, non-state actors and terrorist groups which promote violence and use pseudo-news agencies and internet trolls to challenge democratic values and divide Europe.

The EU has been increasingly hit by destabilising messagesamounting – in different forms and to different degrees – to coherent hostile ‘strategic communications’ campaigns, or the processes of infusing communications activities with an agenda or plan to impact the behaviour of a target audience.

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MEPs condemn Russia, China and Iran’s aggressive use of propaganda and disinformation, which seek to undermine European democracies

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MEPs debate the influence of Russian propaganda on EU countries and its alleged attempts to influence elections in some EU countries through misinformation

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Votes (12:50 - 13:08)

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