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Air Transport - 8th parliamentary term

Datum događanja: 16/03/2018

Air Transport - 8th parliamentary term

The setting up of the Single Aviation Market in the late 1990s has profoundly transformed the air transport industry and has greatly contributed to the strong growth in air transport in Europe over the past twenty years.

In numerous reports, and also particularly in its resolution of 14 February 1995 entitled ‘The way forward for civil aviation in Europe’, Parliament has emphasised the need for a common policy on air transport providing for greater and fairer competition among airlines. Parliament’s support for the establishment and proper functioning of the Single Aviation Market has therefore been constant. In so doing, however, Parliament has continuously stressed that the liberalisation of air transport must be implemented cautiously and gradually and must balance the interests of both consumersand the industry.

Prethodne vijesti

The Committee will vote on the amendments tabled to Mr Pieper's report on a regulation (EC) No 868/2004 intended to defend the Union air carriers against unfair practices of some third countries. The new amended proposal intends to set clear rules for the investigation and adoption of redressive measures and to find a way to involve the European Parliament in the procedure.

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