Working conditions

Working conditions


EU wants to improve workers’ rights and working conditions across Europe, from working hours and parental leave to health and safety at work. The EU has put in place a set of labour rules to ensure strong social protection. They include minimum requirements on working conditions - such as working time, part-time work, workers’ rights - to information about important aspects of their employment and the posting of workers. They have become one of the cornerstones of Europe's social policies. Parliament is set to endorse the provisional agreement on limiting workers’ exposure to carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxic substances. The deal with the Council, reached in December 2021, aims to strengthen the rules to protect workers more robustly against carcinogenic and other hazardous substances by setting EU-wide exposure limits. Parliament succeeded in including reprotoxic substances in the scope of the Directive. Reprotoxic substances are harmful to reproduction and can cause impaired fertility or infertility.  

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