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Public Hearing on Whistle-blower's testimony on the negative impact of big tech companies’ products on user IMCO Committee: opening statements


Opening statements by EP Committees Chairs Andrus ANSIP (Renew,EE) IMCO Vice-Chair; Adrián VÁZQUEZ LÁZARA (Renew,ES) JURI Chair; Juan Fernando LOPEZ AGUILAR (S&D,ES) LIBE Chair; Raphaël GLUCKSMANN (S&D,FR) INGE Chair; Dragoş TUDORACHE (Renew,RO) ahead of the public hearing titled 'Whistle-blower's testimony on the negative impact of big tech companies' products on users'. The former Facebook product menager, Frances HAUGEN discuesses with MEPs about online safety, risk mitigation, and transparency of algorithms concerning the Digital Service Act.


Date de l'événement08/11/2021
Format:16:9 format
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