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State of the Union 2018: extracts from the remark by Antonio TAJANI, EP President, following the address by Jean-Claude JUNCKER, EC President

Date de l'événement: 12/09/2018

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During the plenary session of the European Parliament (10-13/09/2018) in Strasbourg, Jean-Claude JUNCKER, President of the EC, kicks off the debate in his fourth and last “State of the Union” speech. Eight months before the European elections are held in May 2019, MEPs will take stock of the Juncker Commission’s achievements to date. Antonio TAJANI, EP President, addresses Jean-Claude JUNCKER, President of the ECo, following his speech on the ‘State of the Union’ at the European Parliament. He spoke about the Parliament’s lack of power of legislative initiative, the migration crisis, Africa and the need of strengthening and further developing the European economy.