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Greenhouse gas emissions: extracts from the votes and illustrative pictures

Date de l'événement: 17/04/2018

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During the EP plenary session (16- 19 April 2018) in Strasbourg, MEPs vote on new rules to ensure the EU meets its overall collective pledge, under the Paris Agreement on climate change. By 2030, CO2 emitted by transport, farming, buildings and waste must be cut by 30% in the EU, and any deforestation in the EU will have to be balanced out by planting new trees, according to a set of draft rules to be approved by Parliament. The results from the vote on the LINS report are: 574 in favour, 79 against and 32 abstentions. The results from the vote on the GERBRANDY report are: 343 in favour, 172 against and 170 abstentions. Illustrative pictures: ice breakers, factories next to the river, forests, tree cutting, airplanes, boats and cars.