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Public hearing on facing the sixth mass extinction and increasing risk of pandemics: what role for the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, at ENVI Committee

Sündmuse kuupäev: 14/01/2021


Members of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) meet in the European Parliament in Brussels. During the public hearing, they consider the loss of biodiversity and the extent to which this increases the risk of pandemics due to land use change, climate change and wildlife trade. They hold a discussion on the role and possibilities of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 in countering biodiversity loss and in increasing commitment in the EU as well as globally. Statements by Sabien Leemans, Senior Biodiversity Policy Officer, WWF; Evelyn Underwood, Senior Policy Analyst, Biodiversity andEcosystem Services Programme, IEEP; Thomas Resl, Director of the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics, Rural and Mountain Research (Austria).