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neljapäev, 07 november 2019

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Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) debate together with the subcommittees on Human Rights (DROI) and Security and Defence (SEDE) on the situation of children of foreign fighters held in Syria and Iraq, and their possible return or repatriation to the EU, in the European Parliament in Brussels. Experts from the UN Refugee Agency, EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator office, Belgium’s Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis as well as Save the Children will join the discussion


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Berlin - 9 November 1989: crowd of Berliners on the wall, Strasbourg - 22/11/1989: formal sitting with Helmut KOHL, German Chancellor and François MITTERRAND, President of the French Republic, Strasbourg - 16/05/1990: Visit by Lothar DE MAIZIERE Prime Minister of the German Democratic Republic to the EP, Brussels - 28/06/1990: Meeting of the Temporary Committee on East Germany chaired by Simone VEIL, Strasbourg - 08/10/1990: First meeting of the European Parliament after the reunification of Germany.



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