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Election of the President of the European Parliament: extracts from the announcement of the results of the second ballot

Sündmuse kuupäev: 17/01/2017


After the vote for the election of the President of the European Parliament, during the EP plenary session (16-19 January) in Strasbourg, Martin SCHULZ, EP President annonces the results of the second ballot: 725 votes cast, 34 invalid votes. 691 valid votes, that means the absolute majority is 346 votes, that’s necessary for a victory in this second ballot. Ms Forenza, 42 votes, Ms Lamberts 51 votes, Mr Pittella 200 votes, Mr Rebega 45 votes, Ms Stevens 66 votes, Mr Tajani 287 votes. None of the candidates obtained an absolute majority of valid votes, so that takes us to a third ballot.

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