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#EUelections2019 - Audiovisual media services in the EU

Sündmuse kuupäev: 10/04/2019

#EUelections2019 - Audiovisual media services in the EU

MEPs voted in October 2018 on updated rules on audiovisual media services, protecting children better, with stricter rules on advertising, and 30% European content in video-on-demand.

The legislation does not include any automatic filtering of uploaded content, but, at the request of the Parliament, platforms need to create a transparent, easy-to-use and effective mechanism to allow users to report or flag content. The new law includes strict rules on advertising, product placement in children’s TV programmes and content available on video-on-demand platforms. EP negotiators also secured a personal data protection mechanism for children, imposing measures to ensure that data collected by audiovisual media providers are not processed for commercial use, including for profiling and behaviourally targeted advertising.


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MEPs vote on updated rules on audiovisual media services, ensuring better protection for children and a 30% quota of European content on video-on-demand platform catalogues.

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Vote to adapt new distribution modes, digitalisation and video-sharing platforms

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