Memoclip: Single Market - Historical statements


This Memoclip presents : - Soundbite (French) Jacques DELORS, EC President, Presentation of the new Delors Commission, EP, Strasbourg (France) - 14/01/1985 - Soundbite (French) Jacques DELORS, EC President, 14/01/1985, Interview - Soundbite (French) Pierre PFLIMLIN, EP President, interview on the occasion of the European Council of Milan, Milan (Italy) - 27/06/1985 - Soundbite (French) Gaston THORN, Former EC President, statement during a meeting of the European Federalists, Milan (Italy) - Francis Arthur COCKFIELD, EC Member, Presentation of the white paper on the Internal Market, EP, Strasbourg - 14/01/1986 - Views of empty borders in Belgium, Germany and France (1989)


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