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‘We are all stars under the same sky’: how the fall of the Berlin Wall shaped a young man’s vision of Europe

Event date: 04/09/2019

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It was 1989. Andrea was seven years old and lived in Forte dei Marmi on Italy’s Tyrrhenian coast. He was beginning to discover the world. Together with his family, they travelled around Italy and Europe – from East to West and from North to South – and saw the reality of borders. And then, one day in November 1989, the way they looked at Europe changed completely. As day turned to night, Europe reached a turning point. Hundreds of stories, documents, photos and videos published by people from all over Europe. This is ‘My History’, a collaborative project of the European Parliament, where history and the lives of European citizens coincide. We kindly thank Rai Direzione Teche for granting the use of their audio material.