Highlights of the legislative term



During this legislation period 2019-2024 the European Parliament has delivered on many legislative files and priorities.

The EP, as the only directly elected EU institution, is the representative of EU citizens. It embodies European democracy by nature and process, protects and enhances democratic rights and values in the EU and the world and takes up citizens´ demands in the EU decision making process. 

Through the very nature of its functions, it embodies European parliamentary democracy and lends democratic legitimacy to the European Union. As an inclusive decision-maker, the Parliament listens to citizens' concerns, and takes action based on these concerns. It  stands up for peace, democracy, freedom and prosperity for all citizens. Besides, Parliament fights for democracy and accountability through its political and legislative work, including the budget. And finally, it offers the opportunity to take action (voting, getting in touch with local MEPs, COFOE).

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