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    News footage
    Video. Duration: 03:2303:23

    Infoclip: European Audiovisual industry: shooting making of

    Stockshots  -  02-10-2018
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 04:4404:44

    Infoclip: Parcel delivery services

    Stockshots  -  02-10-2018
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 04:0904:09

    Infoclip: Brexit - Ireland

    Stockshots  -  01-10-2018
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 02:2502:25

    Infoclip: Brexit - London views and Home Office views

    Stockshots  -  01-10-2018
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 01:3301:33

    Memoclip: Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought (1988 - 2017)

    Stockshots  -  27-09-2018
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 04:3504:35

    Infoclip: Dual quality of products in the Single Market (Croatia)

    Stockshots  -  12-07-2018
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    Videos (26)

    Video. Duration: 01:2101:21

    New rules for the audiovisual media

    News  -  26-09-2018
    Video. Duration: 00:5200:52

    European Youth Event 2018

    Background  -  11-10-2017
    Video. Duration: 01:4701:47

    Elections kick off in the UK and the Netherlands

    News  -  23-05-2014
    Video. Duration: 03:4903:49

    Power to the People

    Discovery  -  20-02-2014
    Video. Duration: 01:4501:45

    Get the picture: Do you identify with today's Europe?

    Discovery  -  18-11-2013
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