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9 results for: "violence"

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    Videos (9)

    Video. Duration: 05:0305:03

    An orange-wash for a future without violence against women

    Interviews  -  25-11-2015
    Video. Duration: 05:3905:39

    Dr Mukwege, the man who heals women: The fight goes on

    Interviews  -  26-03-2015
    Video. Duration: 03:5903:59

    Palestinian statehood: what kind of recognition?

    Interviews  -  17-12-2014
    Video. Duration: 05:4605:46

    Fighting for children's rights

    Interviews  -  02-12-2014
    Video. Duration: 06:2306:23

    Dr Denis Mukwege: Justice now for sexual violence victims

    Interviews  -  24-11-2014
    Video. Duration: 05:0005:00

    Ending violence against women and girls

    Interviews  -  07-03-2014
    Video. Duration: 04:1104:11

    Interview: Uncertain steps ahead for a fractured Ukraine

    Interviews  -  27-02-2014
    Video. Duration: 05:0705:07

    Months of Ukraine tumult: How should the EU respond?

    Interviews  -  06-02-2014