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    Videos (10)

    Video. Duration: 04:5804:58

    “We want results for the citizens”

    Interviews  -  13-07-2016
    Video. Duration: 04:4504:45

    Stop tax avoidance: Parliament wants to close loopholes

    Interviews  -  24-05-2016
    Video. Duration: 05:3105:31

    Key to sustainable development: tax collection?

    Interviews  -  10-07-2015
    Video. Duration: 04:3604:36

    EU-wide defence spending: creating transparency

    Interviews  -  05-05-2015
    Video. Duration: 04:2604:26

    Interview: The fight against ‘European’ Cosa Nostra

    Interviews  -  18-09-2013
    Video. Duration: 04:2604:26

    Interview: Tax havens

    Interviews  -  23-05-2013
    Video. Duration: 05:2605:26

    Interview: New EU tasks require more money - MEP Böge

    Interviews  -  22-09-2010