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    Videos (27)

    Video. Duration: 03:5503:55

    EU-Turkey migrant deal: MEPs field questions from Facebook

    Interviews  -  08-04-2016
    Video. Duration: 05:3805:38

    New vision for EU Foreign and Security Policy

    Interviews  -  06-04-2016
    Video. Duration: 01:1001:10

    Migration crisis: seeking a human response

    Interviews  -  15-03-2016
    Video. Duration: 02:0302:03

    On the ground in Turkey: budget chair on the refugee crisis

    Interviews  -  11-02-2016
    Video. Duration: 03:3503:35

    Serbia in 2015 - Kosovo, migration and economic reforms

    Interviews  -  28-01-2016
    Video. Duration: 03:5003:50

    EU summit expectations

    Interviews  -  16-12-2015
    Video. Duration: 06:1206:12

    Vision of a film great: Europe of culture and education

    Interviews  -  24-11-2015
    Video. Duration: 07:1807:18

    How can we prevent radicalisation?

    Interviews  -  23-11-2015
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