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    Videos (11)

    Video. Duration: 08:0408:04

    Uber: unfair competition or a new transport model?

    Background  -  30-06-2015
    Video. Duration: 06:3206:32

    From Madrid to Paris: the evolving threat of terrorism

    Background  -  10-03-2015
    Video. Duration: 03:2803:28

    A-Z: A for Anti-terrorism

    Discovery  -  25-10-2011
    Video. Duration: 02:0702:07

    Organ donation - the Spanish model

    News  -  16-03-2010
    Video. Duration: 02:1502:15

    Madrid Remembers The Terror

    News  -  11-03-2010
    Video. Duration: 03:4203:42

    Interview: War on terror, not Islam - López Aguilar

    Interviews  -  11-03-2010
    Video. Duration: 21:1721:17

    Press Corner: EU identity crisis

    Background  -  19-02-2010
    Video. Duration: 04:0404:04

    Flashback: Europe fights terrorism

    EU History  -  05-06-2009