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54 results for: "Council of the European Union"

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    News footage (4)

    News footage
    Video. Duration: 03:2103:21

    Infoclip: Exhibition Elections 1979-2019 (National Library University)

    Stockshots  -  01-03-2019
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 01:2101:21

    Infoclip: Exhibition Elections 1979-2019 (European Parliament)

    Stockshots  -  01-03-2019
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 01:2701:27

    Infoclip: European Defence Agency

    Stockshots  -  04-04-2018

    Videos (9)

    Video. Duration: 03:2403:24

    Masters of compromise: The European Council

    Discovery  -  13-06-2016
    Video. Duration: 01:3001:30

    At home with the European institutions

    Discovery  -  21-05-2014
    Video. Duration: 02:4002:40

    Once upon a time there was maternity leave

    Discovery  -  24-04-2014
    Video. Duration: 03:2603:26

    Codecision: Press START to see how it works

    Discovery  -  30-01-2014
    Video. Duration: 03:3203:32

    Backstage: Parlamentarium

    Discovery  -  09-05-2012
    Video. Duration: 02:5502:55

    Backstage: Who's the boss of the EU? (IV)

    Discovery  -  08-11-2011
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