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Paradise papers

Event date: 14/11/2017

Paradise papers
The papers, compiled by an international consortium of investigative journalists, show how the super-rich shelter their wealth offshore and, in some cases, minimise their tax bills.  


The European Parliament has, for many years, been in the forefront of the fight against money laundering and tax avoidance and evasion. Its recommendations to counter these practices were drawn up by a special committee on tax evasion (TAXE 2) and set out in a resolution voted on 6 July 2016.


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News history

Ongoing media revelations about large-scale tax evasion using offshore accounts which deprive public budgets of possibly billions in revenue are up for debate with the Council and Commission on Tuesday morning.

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News footage

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Paradise papers: extracts from the debate

Extract  -  14/11/2017


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Tax evasion needs permanent inquiry

News  -  07/12/2017

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