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Open door day of the European Parliament in Strasbourg: general atmosphere

Event date: 19/05/2019

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On 19th May, the European Parliament in Strasbourg organise an open door day at the occasion of the Europe Day 2019. General atmosphere. The raising of the European colours :Eurocorps raise the European flag in the presence of European Parliament representatives, local authorities and other officials. Official opening :Rainer Wieland, vice-president of the European Parliament, will officially inaugurate the event. European anthem : the Lorraine Regional choir sing the European anthem. “One Sky Flags”: onwards flags representing the different colours of the sky in Member states will be raised (this artistic project symbolises a diverse and united Europe) © European Union 2019 - Source : EP - Artist @ YLS Yvonne Lee Schultz / Identification of origin mandatory - No property Release Yvonne Lee Schultz