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Nelson Mandela

Event date: 02/07/2018

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela led the struggle to replace the apartheid regime of South Africa by a multi-racial democracy. Sentenced to life in prison, he spent 27 years in jail before becoming the country's first black President. He played a leading role in the drive for peace.He is laureate of the 1988 Sakharov Prize and of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize®.This video illustrates the relations between Nelson Mandela and the European institutions.

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Video. Duration: 01:05

Nelson Mandela at the EP - 13/06/1990

Extract  -  05/06/2020
Video. Duration: 08:30

Nelson Mandela and the European institutions

Extract  -  02/07/2018
Video. Duration: 10:01

Memoclip: Sakharov Prize laureates - 1988-2016

Extract  -  13/12/2016
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