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Hearing on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica case - Use of Facebook users' data by Cambridge Analytica and impact on data protection (Part 2) - Statement by Paul-Olivier DEHAYE, President and Co-Founder of (15:49 - 15:57)

Event date: 25/06/2018

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Live Replay of a second public hearing with Facebook representatives (the first was on 4 June) to look into ensuring data protection and preventing illegal use of data following the 22 May meeting between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Parliament’s political leadership, in the European Parliament in Brussels. Session 1: Data Protection and Privacy implications, including applicable jurisdiction with Andrea JELINEK, Chair of the EDPB and Austrian DPA, Paul-Olivier DEHAYE, President and Co-Founder of, Steve SATTERFIELD, Director for Privacy Policy and Head of Advertising Policy, Privacy and Public Policy team, Facebook, followed by a Q&A session.