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Geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination based on customers' nationality, place of residence: extracts from the vote on the report by Róza Gräfin von Thun und Hohenstein (EPP, PL)

Event date: 25/04/2017

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Meeting of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) in the EP in Brussels. MEPs vote on new draft rules to ensure that consumers buying goods (e.g. household appliances) or services (e.g. car rental) from another EU country, whether online or in person, are not discriminated with regard to general terms and conditions, including prices, on the basis of their nationality or place of residence. Statement by Róza Gräfin von THUN UND HOHENSTEIN (EPP, PL). The results from the final vote are: 36 votes, 29 in favour, 3 against, 4 abstentions. And for the the vote on the opening of institutional negotiations, the results are: 33 votes, 30 in favour, 2 against and 1 absention.

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