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Fight against terrorism

Event date: 01/04/2020

Fight against terrorism

Faced with a growing international terrorist threat, the European Union (EU) is playing an ever more ambitious  role  in  counter-terrorism.

Even  though  primary  responsibility  for  combating  crime  and  ensuring  security  lies  with  the  Member  States,  the  EU  provides cooperation,  coordination  and  (to  some   extent)   harmonisation   tools,   as   well   as   financial   support,   to   address   this borderless   phenomenon.
EU spending in the area of counter-terrorism has increased over the years and is set to grow in the future,  to  allow  for better cooperation between national law enforcement authorities and  enhanced  support  by  the  EU  bodies  in  charge  of  security,  such  as  Europol  and  eu-LISA.

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