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Europe and Me - From the inside: Interview with Emily O’Reilly

Event date: 11/02/2019

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Emily O’Reilly, European Ombudsman since 2013, begins by discussing some of the more controversial and memorable cases during her time as Irish Ombudsman. She compares the different attitudes of Ireland and the UK towards to the EU, how Ireland benefitted structurally, economically and socially from EU membership and the historical affinity of Ireland with Europe. She discusses misogyny, the resulting politicisation of young women and the challenges women face in the workplace, and her belief in gender quotas. She discusses how social media has enabled political and issue engagement of the new generation and its impact on young people. She describes the effects of social networks on politics and journalism and how populism negatively impacts the mainstream and standards. She talks about how some of the great Irish writers’ sense of the literary, spiritual, and philosophical connection to Europe has been such a positive influence on her.

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