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Europe and Me - From the inside - Interview with Laura Molina

Event date: 21/02/2019

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An interview with Laura Molina, Art Director at Todomuta Studio, Spain, and co-creator of the 25 meter-high, iconic sculpture "Vortex of History" located inside the House of European History (HoEH) Museum in Brussels. Laura Molina was filmed just one day after the sculpture had been put in place. Ms Molina reveals the construction process of this iconic installation, and explains that although the sculpture might seem chaotic, it contains a structured logic; the metallic structure feels organic, alive and multi-faceted, to represent the pluralism of our European cities and countries that coexist in harmony. She says that she needed to take risks with the material in order to create a floating sense and that took a leap of faith. She talks about Art in general which, she believes, unifies but at the same time generates change.

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