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EU - Sweden

Event date: 15/11/2017

EU - Sweden
For many years, Sweden had chosen to remain outside the European construction. It was in the 1990s that the idea of membership was born, being in the interest of the country to participate in the decisions that affect Sweden due to its geographical and economic situation.

The official application for membership happened in July 1991. Extensive negotiations were undertaken and after a referendum that gave a majority in favour of the accession, Sweden joined the EU in 1995.


Sweden has 20 seats in the European Parliament and 10 votes in the EU Council.

News history

Stefan LÖFVEN, Swedish Prime Minister, gives a speech on the future of Europe during the plenary session, in Brussels

Antonio TAJANI, EP President welcomes their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden for a bilateral meeting

Closing remarks, signing ceremony of the European Pillar of Social Rights - Lunch for EU heads of state and government, heads of EU institutions - Press conference

Welcome by Mr Urban Ahlin, Speaker and meeting with Mr Urban Ahlin, Speaker, and Members of Parliament from the Committee on European Union and from the Committee of Inquiry on the Riksdagen’s work with EU matters