EP Delegation to Slovakia: meeting with Lucia ŽITŇANSKÁ, Slovakian Minister of Justice and with Jaromír ČIŽNÁR, General Prosecutor

Event date: 09/03/2018

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An ad-hoc delegation of six MEPs leaves for a two-day fact-finding mission in Slovakia, following the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée. The delegation meets with Slovak police representatives: Pavol Vorobjov, Director of Slovak Financial Intelligence Unit, Peter Hraško, Director of Slovak National Criminal Agency, Tibor Gašpar, President of the Police, Jaroslav Paľov, Bureau of International Police Co-operation of the Police Presidium of the Slovak Republic, with Lucia ŽITŇANSKÁ, Slovakian Minister of Justice, and Jaromír ČIŽNÁR, General Prosecutor.