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Campaign ' Stop domestic violence against women '

Event date: 09/03/2007

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Sonia - 54, assistant nurse I left my violent husband 14 years ago, taking my three young children with me, because it was a matter of life or death. My husband was judged irresponsible for his acts at the time. It was horrifying to realise that no charges would be upheld against him and he would not be convicted. But even worse were the words of his psychologist who thought that I should be punished for what I’d made him go through. He swore that he would kill me as soon as my youngest son turned 18. I think about it more and more since that date is getting closer but it doesn't stop me from living. I will never trust a man again but life always goes on. Today, I am a member of a victim support association – if my testimony gives just one woman the strength to leave and to fight, it will slightly sooth a wound that will never heal.