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Campaign ' Stop domestic violence against women '

Event date: 09/03/2007

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Martine - 50, Employee He left me for dead like a piece of rubbish. I had already lodged a complaint in 2004 but there were no witnesses, and it was my word against his. What was the point of pursuing it? The stand-off between us was horrible. Of course, I was losing it, and he was sure of himself. He is manipulative, always polite, kind and decent in the company of others. At home, there was nothing, no way out. I only had to look at him the wrong way for him to kick off. I am disfigured and I still have the marks of his hands on my neck. Today I am in pieces. I don't see any of the things around me any more. I want him to be punished. Not prosecuting them only encourages them to carry on. Despite everything, I loved my husband and that made me suffer