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Anna learns a new language (all versions)

Event date: 17/04/2020

Anna learns a new language (all versions)
This storybook is about a little girl, Anna, who is starting school in a new country and learning the local language through immersion.
​​​​​​​The audiobook and e-book versions are available in the 24 EU official languages. While the target audience is 3-6 year olds, this storybook could also be useful for older children learning to read, whether in their first EU language or in another one.


Here you will find all 24 language versions of the children's storybook, 'Anna learns a new language'​​​​​:


BG - български           ES - Español             CS - Čeština       
DA - dansk                  DE - Deutsch             ET - Eesti
EL - Ελληνικά              EN - English              FR - Français        
GA - Gaelige               HR - Hrvatski             IT - Italiano
LV - Latviešu               LT - Lietuvių               HU - Magyar        
MT - Malti                    NL - Nederlands        PL - Polski
PT - Português            RO - Română            SK - Slovenčina    
SL - Slovenščina         FI - Suomi                ​​​​​​​  SV - Svenska


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