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    News footage (11)

    News footage
    Video. Duration: 01:4301:43

    Infoclip: Fight against online hate speech

    Stockshots  -  06-11-2018
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 02:0802:08

    Infoclip: Conflict Minerals - Fair phones

    Stockshots  -  10-03-2017
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 05:3305:33

    Infoclip: 8th Parliamentary term - removals and seat shift

    Stockshots  -  02-02-2017
    News footage
    Video. Duration: 11:2311:23

    Memoclip: The treaties

    Extract  -  28-04-2016
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    Videos (6)

    Video. Duration: 03:4903:49

    Power to the People

    Discovery  -  20-02-2014
    Video. Duration: 04:5404:54

    History: The Amsterdam Treaty

    Others  -  11-11-2013
    Video. Duration: 04:1604:16

    History: Schengen Agreement

    EU History  -  20-12-2010
    Video. Duration: 03:1203:12

    How it works: The Stability and Growth Pact

    Discovery  -  21-05-2010
    Video. Duration: 03:3803:38

    How it works: Treaties and MEPs

    Discovery  -  03-06-2009

    Images (119)

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