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live-prelive video-footage

News footage (5)

News footage
Video. Duration: 11:23

Memoclip: The treaties

Extract  -  28-04-2016
News footage
Video. Duration: 11:34

Memoclip: European Parliament - Germany (Presskit EE14)

Stockshots  -  19-12-2013
News footage
Video. Duration: 04:56

Memoclip: Retrospective on Robert Schuman from 1947 to 1963

Stockshots  -  01-01-1965
News footage
Video. Duration: 01:23

Memoclip : 25 March 1957 - Signature of the Treaty of Rome

Extract  -  25-03-1957
News footage
Video. Duration: 01:20

The Schuman Declaration - 9 May 1950

Extract  -  09-05-1950

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