Infoclip: Common products associated with deforestation and forest degradation


An area larger than the EU was lost to deforestation from 1990 to 2020, with EU consumption causing around 10% of losses. A new law on deforestation-free products will make obligatory for companies to issue a so-called “due diligence” statement that goods on the EU market have not led to deforestation or forest degradation anywhere in the world. The largest share of EU-driven deforestation commodities are: palm oil (33,95%), soy (32,83%), wood (8,62%), cocoa (7,54%), coffee (7,01%) and beef (5,01%. This infoclip shows footgae of a person unpacking common groceries deriving from these commodities, a child consuming chocolate spread without palm oil as well as footage of deforestaion in Brazil.

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