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Migration - 8th Parliamentary term

Ημερομηνία συμβάντος: 09/11/2017

Migration - 8th Parliamentary term

Europe is faced with a significant influx of migrants: hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from war and poverty are travelling to Europe in search of safety and a better life.

The increase in migration to Europe requires a response from the EU on a number of levels. Firstly, policies to handle regular and irregular immigration, and secondly, common EU-wide rules on asylum. The migrant crisis of late has also resulted in a need for additional measures and reforms to ensure border security as well as a fairer distribution of asylum seekers among EU countries.

Σχετικοί σύνδεσμοι :

Ιστορικό ειδήσεων

In plenary session in Strasbourg, MEPs debate and vote on new measures strengthening the European Border and Coast Guard.The changes to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) aim to resolve the current shortcomings and better respond to the present needs in security and migration.

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

Hearing on search and rescue operations with many of the NGOs that for years have been active in the Mediterranean, with Francesco ITALIA, Mayor of Syracuse and with a migrant rescued from the Mediterranean

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

Meeting on Commission's proposal to update the European Border and Coast Guard to reinforce the protection of the external borders and to increase the efficiency of returns of migrants in an irregular situation.

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

Claude MORAES (S&D, UK), Chair of the LIBE Committee, makes a statement during the hearing on the implementation of the facilitation directive and humanitarian assistance to irregular migrants

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

MEPs debate and vote on the guidelines for Member States to prevent that humanitarian assistance is criminalised during the plenary session in Strasbourg.

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

MEPs ask the EU Commission about the measures taken to ensure that all EU member states offer adequate protection to these minors.

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

Exchange of views with Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR Special Envoy for the Central Mediterranean Route during a meeting of the Committee on Development

Εμφάνιση μόνο σχετικών πολυμέσων

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