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Infoclip: Eurocorps (2/2) : Military exercice

Datum der Veranstaltung: 07/11/2014


Illustration of a military exercise From 16th till 31st October 2014, the European Rapid Reaction Corps (Eurocorps) has conducted a major exercise – Joint Spearhead 14 – in the military training camp of Mourmelon, France, in the Champagne region. A Joint Task Force covers a broad spectrum of missions in a global environment, from the first entry into a conflict zone until the stabilization of the security, political and economic situation. Based on a complex and reality-near scenario, Joint Spearhead 14 is also for Eurocorps the opportunity to train and maintain its operational capability to deploy rapidly into any kind of crisis area. Deployed in the training camp of Mourmelon, Headquarters Eurocorps and its Multinational Command Support Brigade will train in conditions similar to those of a real commitment.

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