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Cultural Heritage

Datum der Veranstaltung: 20/06/2018

Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage plays an important role in the history and identity of Europe’s countries and indeed of the continent as a whole. It is a vital part of Europe’s economy and promoting cultural treasures will help to boost growth and employment.

The EU has made 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage to highlight the diversity, shared history and rich cultures that make Europe today.
Throughout 2018, we will celebrate our diverse cultural heritage across Europe - at EU, national, regional and local level. The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage more people to discover and engage with Europe's cultural heritage, and to reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space. The slogan for the year is: Our heritage: where the past meets the future.


The conference, organised at the initiative of Antonio Tajani, EP President and in close cooperation with the culture committee, chaired by Petra Kammerevert, will bring together political leaders, policy makers and stakeholders, as well as some very well-known guests to debate the challenges of the sector in three panels

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