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(03) Ceremony and Award of the LUX Prize 2017. Second award goes to "BPM" and third award to "Western". Family photo (12:25 - 12:30)

Datum der Veranstaltung: 14/11/2017


Live Replay of the Ceremony and Award of the LUX Prize by Antonio TAJANI, EP President during the plenary session in Strasbourg (13-16/11/2017). Ceremony of the Award of the LUX Prize 2017. Entrance of the team of the finalist movies: Marie-Ange Luciani, producer, Antoine Reinartz, actor and Philippe Mangeot, Co-scriptwriter for BPM (Beats per Minute) - 120 Battements par minute - Actresses Lene Cecilia Sparrok and Mia Erika Sparrok for SÁMI BLOOD - Valeska Grisebach, director and Jonas Dornbach, producer for WESTERN. Evelyne GEBHART (S&D, DE) gives the second prize to "BPM" and Petra KAMMEREVERT (S&D, DE), the third prize to "Western".

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